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Texas State Florists Association 2017 Floral Expo – Digital Marketing Plan

Click here for the slidedeck for Building Online Business with a Digital Marketing Plan Links shared during session: Brand Build and Protection: Generate Google Review Link: Google Mobile Test: Low-cost Photo Studio (1) Lightcube 36×36 Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light Cube $39.99 (3) Utility Lights 75-Watt Incandescent Clamp Light $6.97 (4) Philips 100W Equivalent Daylight A19 LED Light Bulbs $23.45 Mobile Media Capture Buy a portable tripod: JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand $19.50 Audio-Technica ATR3350iS Microphone $30 Store and Manage All Your Photos: Google Photos Facebook Video is a Must for Florists. Here’s How to Do It Attachments TSFA2017Slides (45...

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Building Your Digital Brand

As a floral designer, are you Internet-famous? Do you want to be? Even if you have loads of talent, supreme confidence, and want to make an indelible mark in the floral industry, you won’t register in the real or virtual marketplace unless you leverage digital marketing tools. Here are a few strategies you can consider about how to grow your professional digital brand. 2017-Floriology-July-August-Digital-Brand Attachments 2017-Floriology-July-August-Digital-Brand (168...

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Conquering the Challenges of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is composed of many complex, moving parts. Think of the challenges of understanding and adopting into your marketing plan search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), managing online reviews, confirming your business information is accurate across the Internet, and, lastly, consistently creating content about your business to stay relevant with customers. In recent issues of floriology magazine and online webinars, we’ve already tackled a few of these topics, sharing strategies and best practices of how you can handle these challenges on your own. And we will continue to do so. However, we also understand this takes time and resources. This is why floriology is rolling out a new program called Floriology Digital Marketing Services. Let’s dive into why we are in a great position to assist you. Click here to download the full 2017 Floriology May-June article on Digital Marketing. Attachments 2017-Floriology-May-June-Digital-Marketing (282...

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The Importance of Ratings and Reviews

You probably already do this as habit. You’re interested in a shiny new gadget, so you enter relevant keywords in Google or Bing and start scanning the search engine result page (SERP). Your eyes immediately gravitate towards listings with the bright orange stars –these, of course, are ratings provided by fellow online consumers. There are several listings with these orange stars, so you immediately start comparing the numbers – 4.1 stars with 12 reviews, a 4.7 with two reviews or the 4.8 with more than 100? The choice is obvious and you click the listing with the highest rating and most reviews. Facts support this behavior: 88 percent of consumers rank online reviews on par with personal recommendations, according to the 2016 local consumer review survey by BrightLocal, a SEO marketing and research firm. What makes this stat even more remarkable is the idea consumers trust the opinion of a complete stranger when making a buying decision. And the decision to buy happens quickly – 90 percent of consumers read less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business, adds BrightLocal. Click here to download the full 2017 Floriology March-April article on Ratings and Reviews. Attachments 2017-Floriology-March-April-Ratings-Reviews (79...

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Facebook Lead Ads

Do you want to build your wedding business? Are you looking for a new way to reach brides in your local area? It’s a good bet you’ll find solid prospects by targeting them on their mobile devices, most likely by engaging friends and family on Facebook. In this issue of floriology, we focus on how you can use Facebook Lead Ads to reach this critical audience. Before we get into it, let’s look at some relevant statistics. First, let’s talk about those brides – up to 88 percent of women, ages 18-40, use Facebook. Next, 47 percent of users access the social site using just their mobile device, spending on average 20 minutes per day on Facebook. 2017-Click here to download the full Floriology 2017 March-April, Facebook-Lead Ads. Attachments 2017-Floriology-March-April-Facebook-Leads (91...

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Hello! I'm Renato and serve as lead educator for new technology, business and consumer trends, and digital marketing strategy at the Floriology Institute. This is one of my primary roles as the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet, a premier florist services company. Prior, I served the as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Society of American Florists (SAF), the floral industry's trade organization.

I evangelize technology benefits and best practices through a regular column in Floriology magazine, presentations at floral industry events, share insights on social media and chat (yes, on the phone) with BloomNet members to help solve their challenges.

asae DELP programI served as an active volunteer for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where I chaired the ASAE Technology Council, was a founding member of the Young Professionals Committee and continue to be active as a Diversity Executive Leadership Scholar (DELP).

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