Author: Renato Cruz Sogueco

2009 ASAE Technology Conference: Practical Virtualization for Small to Medium Organizations

Virtualization, an association IT essential technology Virtualization is a must-adopt technology for organizations to either do more with less, or if you’re a larger organization, save more with less. The toughest concept to grasp for most association professionals is the “virtual” part — using one powerful physical machine to host multiple virtual machines using special software. In this session, I team with Brian Sheehan of DelCore Technology Solutions, Inc., who are beginning to provide this solution to clients and Scott Mearns who manages the virtualization project for a larger organization with close to 100 servers. I represent the smaller...

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Championing New Technologies

A second session I developed for the 2009 ASAE Technology Conference was Championing New Technologies as part of my participation with the ASAE Young Professional Committee. The aim of the program was how to build buy-in among the association staff and member volunteers for technology projects, primarily buy-in to using social media. Presenting with me were fellow Committee members Robert A. Murphy of the Optical Society of America and Robert Wolfe, Jr., of Solid Waste Association of North America. Sides: Championing New Technologies Attachments championing new tech (940...

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Technology Trends – What Association Leaders Need to Know Now

ASAE’s Technology Section Council gets you started quickly with sharing the knowledge as Vice Chair Dina Lewis of Distilled Logic LLC asked I serve as a co-presenter at the ASAE 2008 Annual Meeting called Technology Trends – What Association Leaders Need to Know Now. My portion was to attempt to explain the concept of virtualization to a largely general association executive audience — read really non-techie. The room was surprisingly full for an end-of-the-day presentation about technology no less so we were happy with the result....

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Hello! I'm Renato and serve as lead educator for new technology, business and consumer trends, and digital marketing strategy at the Floriology Institute. This is one of my primary roles as the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet, a premier florist services company. Prior, I served the as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Society of American Florists (SAF), the floral industry's trade organization.

I evangelize technology benefits and best practices through a regular column in Floriology magazine, presentations at floral industry events, share insights on social media and chat (yes, on the phone) with BloomNet members to help solve their challenges.

asae DELP programI served as an active volunteer for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where I chaired the ASAE Technology Council, was a founding member of the Young Professionals Committee and continue to be active as a Diversity Executive Leadership Scholar (DELP).

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