Author: Renato Cruz Sogueco

Quick Tips on Conversion

If you’re like most florists, website revenue represents 30 to 40 percent of business. Many of these purchases are from local customers already familiar with your brand, people who visited your site directly or used your name in a search. (You can confirm that fact with a quick review of your web analytics.) The rest stem from people finding you through geographic searches or arriving from social media, directories and web- site references. How do you convince those customers — who don’t know you or your shop — to stay on your site and make a purchase? That’s the big question. Click here to download and read the full article, Floral Management 2016 July Plugged In Quick Tips on Conversion. Attachments FMJuly16PluggedIn (73...

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Pay to Play

Maris Angolia of Karin’s Florist in Vienna, Virginia, takes pride in having few customer complaints. On the rare occasion a customer is disappointed, Angolia resolves the issue quickly. So, when a handful of customers called to complain about deliveries that never showed up, Angolia was perplexed. “We didn’t have a record of the orders,” she said. “After it happened a few times, we started noticing a trend.” A savvy marketer, Angolia had an immediate hunch that online order-gatherers were to blame, and if that was the case, how many other customers mistakenly thought they were placing orders with Karin’s?...

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Adwords Part 2

Last month, we tackled some beginners’ questions about Google AdWords. We continue to dive deeper into AdWords this month with more complex —but worth- while and profitable — strategies. This month, we talk managing multiple accounts, shopping campaigns, using sitelinks and trying out video ads. Click here to download the Floral Management 2016 June Plugged In Adwords Part 2. Attachments FMJune16PluggedIn (96...

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Adwords Part 1

Google is the search engine which owns the largest marketshare — thus, its advertising service, Adwords, commands the best opportunity to build your brand and capture clicks with online shoppers. Arguably, it’s a complex system, even for those who are considered technology savvy. This month, we cover the basics — next month, we dive deeper. Click here to download the Floral Management 2016 May Plugged In Adwords Part 1. Attachments FMMay16PluggedIn (83...

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Facebook Ads with Finesse

As more eyeballs shift from traditional print medium to online, what are your options other than search engine marketing (SEM)? With more than 1.5 billion users, Facebook is really it’s own Internet. Complete with its own unique, powerful system to advertise to all it’s users. We explore how you can get started. Click here to download the Floral Management 2016 April Plugged In Facebook Ads with Finesse.   Attachments FM April16 Plugged In (80...

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Hello! I'm Renato and serve as lead educator for new technology, business and consumer trends, and digital marketing strategy at the Floriology Institute. This is one of my primary roles as the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet, a premier florist services company. Prior, I served the as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Society of American Florists (SAF), the floral industry's trade organization.

I evangelize technology benefits and best practices through a regular column in Floriology magazine, presentations at floral industry events, share insights on social media and chat (yes, on the phone) with BloomNet members to help solve their challenges.

asae DELP programI served as an active volunteer for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where I chaired the ASAE Technology Council, was a founding member of the Young Professionals Committee and continue to be active as a Diversity Executive Leadership Scholar (DELP).

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