Author: Renato Cruz Sogueco

Pitch the PC?

Your shop’s PCs serve as venerable tools that have made you money but arguably also represent tremendous overhead in maintenance, replacement and upkeep. Ever consider permanently replacing them with mobile devices such as ipads, tablets and smartphones? We discuss the potential. Click here to download the Floral Management 2016 Plugged In Pitch the PC. Attachments FMMarch16PluggedIn (89...

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Access for All Customers

Websites are a visual medium. However, some customers need assistance when accessing your website, specifically, those who are blind. Those visually disabled rely on screen readers to access websites. Although websites are mostly text, consider all the graphics and photos that they may not see. We discuss the importance of correctly labeling these asset and other strategies to enable easier access. Click here to read the Floral Management 2016 February Plugged In Access for All Customers. Attachments FMFeb16PluggedIn (115...

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Tech Trends to Tackle

Looking forward to 2016? Every year, Gartner Research presents 10 tech trends which may impact the retail marketplace. At first glance, many of these trends are presented as abstract, high-level concepts. What we do is break the down and distill specific, practical applications which you could apply to the shop. Click here to download the Floral Management 2016 January Plugged In Tech Trends to Tackle. Attachments FMJan16PluggedIn (110...

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Fast-Track Web Shoppers

The most obvious ways Google and Bing provides you exposure is through organic and paid searches using Adwords or Bing Ads. Any more placement opportunities on the search engine result page (SERP) to build your brand and show case product? These companies also provide what they both called Product Ad Listing which will allow consumers to view your products on the SERP complete with prices and ratings — usually these clicks go directly to the product page on your website. Click here to download the Floral Management December 2015 Plugged In Fast Track Web Shoppers. Attachments FMDecember15PluggedInv2 (217...

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Short and Sweet Social Media

Attention spans are short nowadays and this is reflected in a slew of social media that is meant to be brief. Twitter may have kicked off this trend but that was text limiting posts or tweets to just 140 characters. This new crop differentiates themselves by featuring short posts of mostly video. This month we explore Vine, Snapchat and Periscope. Click here to read the November 2015 Floral Management Plugged In, Short and Sweet Social Media. Attachments FMNov15PluggedInv4 (307...

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floriology institute

Hello! I'm Renato and serve as lead educator for new technology, business and consumer trends, and digital marketing strategy at the Floriology Institute. This is one of my primary roles as the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet, a premier florist services company. Prior, I served the as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Society of American Florists (SAF), the floral industry's trade organization.

I evangelize technology benefits and best practices through a regular column in Floriology magazine, presentations at floral industry events, share insights on social media and chat (yes, on the phone) with BloomNet members to help solve their challenges.

asae DELP programI served as an active volunteer for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where I chaired the ASAE Technology Council, was a founding member of the Young Professionals Committee and continue to be active as a Diversity Executive Leadership Scholar (DELP).

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