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Association peers often ask what resources I scan to the find information technology best practices or macro trends which impact association business now and into the future. For best practice information, I compiled links under “In the Box” resources list; for trends and cutting edge information, check out “Out of the Box” and lastly, because much of what drives business information technology comes from users and consumers (think BYOD), I follow lots of gadget and consumer electronics websites which are gathered under “Consumer Sources.”


Web interface for Feedly, a supremely efficient way to read several website by subscribing to their RSS feeds

How can I possibly scan all this stuff? I use the Feedly newsreader online and the complementary app on my devices — here’s the link for they iOS version of Feedly.

CIO “In the Box” Sources

CIO Magazine

CIO Magazine Resources

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CIO “Out of the Box” Sources

Gartner Predicts

Gartner Free Research

Comscore Insights

Pew Research Internet Project

MIT Technology Review

Fast Company Magazine


Consumer Sources